English Language Education Department held the second session of guest lecture on December 21, 2020 under the theme “Edupreneurship in ELT: The Role of Innovation and Sustainability in Education Industry”. An amazing keynote speaker in this event was Dr. Siti Nurul Hidayah, M.Ed., M.Ed., the founder and CEO of Gazebo English Course in Trenggalek, East Java.

In this event, the speaker not only shared her experiences when initially established her business in education industry but also motivated participants by giving several strategies to be successful person as well as successful entrepreneur, particularly in ELT.

            She began a guest lecture session by asking participants to have foresight about challenges that people probably faced in 2045.

 “We probably face several challenges, such as technology advancement, social life alteration, change of fashion style, etc. in 2045. Beginning from now, we should think the best way to create those challenges as our opportunity to build a business”, she said.

            After that, she delivered several stories behind the success of several entrepreneurs, such as Jack Ma and Mark Zuckerberg. Not only that, she also revealed four phases to be a top entrepreneur. Moreover, the speaker also shared with the participants the possible ways and  the steps by steps to establish business in education industry. These become the inspirations for the participants who are taking the course of Innovation and Creativity in English Language Teaching.

Then, the session was continued by Question and Answer section. Participants was very enthusiastic to ask everything deals with education business. Ibu Siti Nurul answered several questions about how to get enough funding, how to get business license, how to boost up the spirit and motivation, how to manage time, how to enhance creativity and innovation in ELT as the basis for entrepreneurship in education, also the importance of vision and mission for company to develop and have diversification.

            “All in all, in this field (ELT business), we have to be innovative to keep up our business and make it different from other. In simple words, innovation and sustainability are the key points that we should have”, she said.

This guest lecture was ended by photo session and amazing quote from speaker.

She said, “Never give up, to achieve your dream, you must give yours all, give your best in every action you’ll do. Keep your spirit up!”.

Thanks for Mrs. Siti Nurul for fruitful knowledge she has shared.  

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